Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine are the most common Christmas Trees grown in Kansas. They have medium length needles and stiff branches.This tree is well suited for both light and heavy ornaments. It has excellent needle retention and holds up very well if taken care of properly.
Kansas Christmas Tree Growers Association

Virginia Pine

Virginia Pines have soft needles that range in length from 1.5 to 3 inches in length. This tree has dense folage with a pleasant pine fragrance and good needle retention.
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Austrian Pine

Austrian Pine has long stiff needles. They have a strong open branching habit making then excellent for hanging large ornaments. They retain their freshness very well.

White Pine

White Pines have medium length soft needles. Limbs are limber making them suitable for lighter ornaments. This tree has very little aroma and are reported to result in fewer allergic reaction. It has excellent needle retention.
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