The Kansas Christmas Tree Growers Association (KCTGA) consists of 34 tree farms across the state. Our farmers enjoy growing trees which allow you to bring the fresh outdoors into your homes during the holiday season. Most of us offer a variety of trees and a variety of services.

We meet twice a year. The last weekend in January and the first weekend in June. This allows us to share our stories, gain knowledge from others in the industry as well as stay informed to the legislation with agriculture.

Please email us or search around on our website for information to help you become a farmer, or find a real tree in your neck of the woods!
What is KCTGA?
Map Locator of Kansas Farms
Membership and Application Info
The KCTGA works to promote the interests of the Christmas tree industry and the forestry program in Kansas while providing it's members many ways to communicate, market and stay up to date.
We provide you information on annual meetings, member directories and application for membership forms
Using an interactive map to locate tree farms based on geographical location, the KCTGA gives you a quick and easy way to find a member near you.
Kansas Christmas Tree Growers Association
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